What does warranty not cover?

Volta Air Limited Warranties do not cover normal wear and tear of the product or costs related to the removal, installation, or troubleshooting of the customer's electrical systems. These warranties do not apply to and Volta Air will not be responsible for any defect in or damage to:

• the product if it has been misused, neglected, improperly installed, physically damaged or altered, either internally or externally, or damaged from improper use or use in an unsuitable environment

• the product if it has been subjected to fire, water, generalized corrosion, biological infestations, or input voltage that creates operating conditions beyond the maximum or minimum limits listed in the Volta Air product specifications including high input voltage from generators and lightning strikes

• the product if repairs have been done to it other than by Volta Air or its authorized service centers (hereafter "ASCs") or without consulting Volta Air

• the product if it is used as a component part of a product expressly warranted by another manufacturer; the product if its original identification (trade-mark, serial number) markings have been defaced, altered, or removed.

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